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30th July 2021

Conetix Anti-Spam Platform Unscheduled Outage

This notice is to inform you of a unscheduled outage, which will cause some disruption to your service with Conetix.

Scope of Issue

Conetix is aware of an issue affecting spam filtering services and currently have engineers working on the issue.

The cause of the issue is a global problem with the SPAMRL blacklist checking portion of major spam filtering software. Any email with a link included has the link checked against SPAMRL which is returning a false positive on any URL.

This is affecting all major email providers.

Clients using our Spam Experts services will see bouncebacks advising an email was blocked, inbound emails will also be delayed while this issue is ongoing.

Please refresh this page as we'll provide updates below.

Impacted Services

  • Spam Filter Incoming Email Delivery

Updates and Status

  • 10:00 - 30/07/2021 - Issue reported and being investigated
  • **10:10 - 30/07/2021 - Conetix admins have identified the issue and are working with filter software vendors to implement a resolution.
  • **12:20 - 30/07/2021 - Quarantined email will begin to deliver to inboxes, software vendors have implemented a resolution.

If the unscheduled outage has been marked as resolved and you still believe there is an issue, please contact us immediately to lodge a support ticket or by calling us on 1300 789 260.

Please note that during an outage, there may be some slight delays in responding to support tickets and calls. This is due the fact that our efforts will be focussed on resolving the fault and ensuring there is timely updates for all customers via this page.

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