Network issues with Optus Queensland and some limited international traffic Friday 20th November 2020 13:00:00

Update: Issue has been resolved by Optus.

This notice is to inform you of an unscheduled outage, which may cause some disruption to your service with Conetix.

Scope of Issue

Conetix is aware of a network disruption for Optus customers across Queensland as well as some limited international traffic. If you are an Optus customer in Queensland (or via an Optus reseller), this means you'll have trouble with all Internet services (not just services with Conetix). We recommend contacting Optus directly to confirm the issue.

As some international traffic (eg, some USA traffic) also uses the Optus network, access from overseas locations may also be impacted. This may also affect any uptime monitors where they have US based reporting only.


If the unscheduled outage has been marked as resolved and you still believe there is an issue, please contact us immediately to lodge a support ticket or by calling us on 1300 789 260.